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Emcarta®, incorporated in October 2014 to produce Heart, an open-source public health education service for communications on personal computers and digital devices. Heart provides discovery services to network with subsidiary and third-party programs, devices and content.



Lana Saciragic, MD, FRCSC, MPH (Cand.)

Eric Chen, PhD

Roopan Gill, MD, MPH, FRCSC

Jonathan Ferrier, PhD

Research collaborators

Andrew Ferrier, PhD, MD (Cand.)

Thomas Belway, COO

Candace MacKenzie, RN, BScN, MA, GNC(C)


Head office

Emcarta® Inc. Emcarta.ca 

2836 12 AVE NW,
Calgary, AB, Canada, T2K 1X8
admin@emcarta.com +1 (613) 697-5262


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